The pictorial graphic icon captures a building in a closed circular loop. The line graphics and the green color along with dark neutrals makes it exquisite. The closed loop capturing the skyscrapers along with the green leaf and symbolize calm and serene atmosphere. The pictograph creates the thought of an established company providing real estate services in rural areas. It can be preferred by realtors, constructors, real estate financiers, real estate mortgage etc.

Software requirements

When you finish the purchase, you'll get a zip file containing the logo in PNG files, editable source files, printable EPS & PDF files and a text file with links to the fonts used. Here are the list of software you need to edit and use the logo templates.


The editable source files are with the extension ".svg"



Please install the fonts mentioned in "Fonts.txt" in the logo archive before you open the source files



The source file can be edited using Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape

Inkscape is a free software and can be downloaded from



We have also provided vector files in Editable PDF and EPS format which can again be edited using inkscape or Adobe Illustrator



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