Bobcares logo template usage license terms

    1. The Logo Template is a copyright product of Bobcares and can be purchased by anyone from the Bobcares Store.
    2. The Logo Template may be altered or used as it is, and is licensed for a single use per purchase. Buyer is not allowed to make multiple derivatives out of the same template for different business or entities.
    3. There isn’t any usage limitation for the final derivative logo and can by used without any limits.
    4. New license is required to create a different final logo or derivatives from the same template.
    5. Neither the logo template nor its derivatives should be redistributed or reselled as another logo or bundled with any other products.
    6. Bobcares own the exclusive rights for the logo template or its derivatives and hence a copyright or a trademark cannot be claimed by the buyer.
    7. The template can be modified for creating a final logo and can be reselled at any price. In any such events, the license will be applicable to the derivative logo and will be transfered to the buyer.
    8. In the event of transferring or reselling of the derivative logo, the reseller should inform their customers in writing about the copyright restriction of the logo prior to the purchase.
    9. The Logo Template cannot be used for any kind of illegal activities or business.